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EMMIR graduates receive prestigious Blu Tirohl prize for contribution to the Journal of Gender Studies

EMMIR would like to extend massive congratulations to graduates Alejandra Castellanos Bretón and Jose Guillermo Ricalde Perez for winning Taylor & Francis Group's prestigious Blu Tirohl Prize for their article 'Entanglements between gender equality and multiculturalism discourses: the case of Sweden' in the Journal of Gender Studies.

The Blu Tirohl Prize is awarded annually to an author (or authors) whose work addresses Blu Tirohl’s (Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Gender Studies) interests and passions: diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and victimization.

The article was a product of Alejandra’s and Guillermo's regular conversations about feminist approaches during their journey as students in the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR).

"Our profound interest in Feminist Foreign Policies and other themes such as intersectionality, multiculturalism, and LGBTI migrants and refugees took us to a new academic exploration that culminated in this exciting text that I recommend everyone to read," the two authors wrote on LinkedIn.

Since their master's degree studies, Alejandra and Guillermo have begun new careers related to their passions and research interests. Alejandra has been working as the UNCHR Head of Field Office in Riohacha, one of the most affected regions of Colombia regarding multidimensional poverty, and one of the most significant informal border crossing. Guillermo has pursued a career in international advocacy for LGBTI people’s rights at ILGA World, working on including LGBTI perspectives in the United Nations.

"As two feminist thinkers from the Global South, we cannot be more proud that one of our first academic contributions has not only been published but also awarded with such a prestigious prize. This is so important for us!," Alejandra wrote.

"Considering the challenges that many Global South researchers face to reach formal academic spaces. We will always wish for a more inclusive world and we are excited for what the future can bring for us," wrote Guillermo.

You can read more about the prize and find their paper here:

Congratulations on the impressive work and thank you for your contributions to the wider academic field!


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