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The four semesters are organised in modules according to the European Bologna standard. Each module consists of a number of e.g. seminars, lectures, workshops, study trips, tutorials, and other forms of teaching as detailed in the relevant module syllabus; once you have successfully completed a module, you are assigned a specific number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points. Each semester you need to gain 30 ECTS (120 ECTS in four semesters); one ECTS credit point refers to a workload of 25 to 30 hours (including contact hours, reading, assignments and independent study).

Please note that the courses on offer are subject to change each year. 

First Semester: University of Oldenburg, Germany.

MM11 (8 ECTS) Introduction to Migration Studies: Studying Global Migration in the 21st Century (Intensive Phase).


MM12 (14 ECTS) Evaluating and Developing Research Methods for Transcultural ContextsResearch Methodology for Transcultural Contexts.

  • Migration & Intercultural Relations: Disciplinary Perspectives - Theoretical Foundations

  • Academic Writing and Presentation Skills


MM13 (8 ECTS) Theorising Historical and Contemporary Migration Processes & Intercultural Relations.

  • Historical Dimensions of Migration

  • Theorizing Contemporary Migration & Intercultural Relations

  • Global Migration - Contextualising African Migration

Second Semester: University of Stavanger, Norway.

MM21 (12 ECTS) Migration between Time and Temporality: Regional Perspectives.

  • Scandinavia: Historical and Contemporary Migration

  • Norwegian Language and Culture


MM22 (18 ECTS) Theorizing Migration and Multiculturalism. 

You choose three sub-modules according to your interest and focus:

  • Migration and Integration

  • Migration, Borders and Citizenship

  • Migration, Gender, Development: African Perspectives

  • Migration, Gender, Work

  • Controversies over Multiculturalism

  • Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Pluralism

Third Semester: all partner universities.

MM31 (15 ECTS) Project-Based Internship (thematic research teams)

MM32 (15 ECTS) Focus Module. You choose one module out of seven according to your interest and focus:

  • Migration and Small Nations: Language, Education and Demography (UNG)

  • Representation, Ethnicity and Nation State (USB)

  • Gender, Multiculturalism, Development (AUW)

  • Forced Migration, Gender and Post-Conflict Setting in East Africa (MUST)

  • Methods and Theories in Migration Studies – Knowledge Production & Inter-disciplinarity (UOL)

  • Migration, Labour, Human Rights (Wits)

Fourth Semester: all partner universities.

MM41 (30 ECTS) MA Dissertation

  • Proposal Colloquium (at UOL)

  • Dissertation and Research Colloquium (supervision groups)