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EMMIR Cohort 9 student awarded 'DAAD Award for Outstanding International Students'

EMMIR Cohort 9 student Beybin Elvin Tunç was awarded the prestigious DAAD Award for Outstanding International Students at the University of Oldenburg in December 2020.

"Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers an award worth EUR 1,000 to an international student at the University of Oldenburg who has demonstrated exceptional academic performance and social or intercultural commitment." (UOL)

Beybin was nominated for the award by a fellow classmate, and her nomination letter was written by EMMIR's Academic Coordinator, Michał Musiałowski. In the letter, Musiałowski explained that "Beybin has manged to create moments of incomparable creativity during her academic career that released interculturality from its theoretical framework and embedded it in real and authentic moments".

Beybin Elvin Tunç received the DAAD Award for Outstanding International Students in 2020 frm the University of Oldenburg in an online ceremony on 15 December 2020..
"I see this award not as a personal but as a collaborative intercultural achievement" - Beybin

Beybin received the award via a virtual ceremony on Tuesday 15 December 2020. "We need people like you at our university," UOL's Vice President for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner, told Beybin during the ceremony.

"This award is very meaningful for me because I was not awarded for my higher grades or my excellence in my studies. I was awarded because of my personal path in life and all the achievements along the way, which I believe I could not reach without the support of many great people, literally all around the world. Therefore, I see this award not as a personal but as a collaborative intercultural achievement," said Beybin.

"I want to underline Beybin's tireless efforts during her master studies to creatively unite diverse students with different background and to create a sustainable dialogue between them. She has organised various workshops for students in Jordan, Norway, Czech Republic, Turkey and Germany to express their thoughts on several topics such as social change, deep democracy, intercultural learning and sexuality using new and innovative approaches like gamification. She stands out with her engagement to inspire fellow students and young people alike to be active and to use their potential to make a difference beyond academic achievements." - Michał Musiałowski, EMMIR Academic Coordinator

Beybin's achievement was highlighted in the Nordwestzeitung newspaper on 5 January 2021.

Beybin was also featured in a Turkish newspaper as well.

Big congratulations to Beybin!


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