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EMMIR alumnus publishes book based on thesis research, about the experience of Ethiopian migrants in South Africa

EMMIR Alumnus Yordanos A. Seifu published “Mengedegna” (“The Traveler” in Amharic), a vivid insight into the experiences of Ethiopian migrants and refugees in South Africa. The book explores the smuggling routes across Africa and portrays personal testimonials of resilience and adaptability.

Yordanos is a researcher, consultant and writer on migration and demographic transition in Africa who also holds a MSc. in Population, Environment and Development from the Institute of Population Studies (IPS) in Addis Ababa University. He was a research fellow at the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) in Germany and researched on The Political Economy of Transnational Migration. 

The anthology “Mengedegna” (“The Traveler” in Amharic), published in Amharic and English (translated by Mrs. Hiwot Tadesse), is a blend of a travel account and ethnographic research on migration. Even though Yordanos carried out research in Germany, Norway, South Africa and Ethiopia for this book, the main area of the study was on Ethiopian migrants traveling to South Africa. More than 1,200 people attended the book launch in Addis Ababa (2016).


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