Application Periods

Applications for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are now open: Deadline for applications (for the 2018-2020) cohort is 20 December 2017.

Applications for self funded students are now open: Deadline for applications (for the 2018-2020) cohort is 5 July 2018.

Application procedures

EMMIR uses the management platform eConsort to facilitate the application process. Only after registering with your name, email address you will be able to access the online application form. 

Please follow this link to register for application.

The application form must be completed online by filling in all the indicated boxes IN ENGLISH; you will be able to complete it bit by bit and return to continue at a later time (following this link); all data will be saved to our database. Please make sure that all personal information corresponds to the attached documents and certificates. As soon as you filled in at least the obligatory boxes you will be able to submit the form.

Upon submission, you will receive a summary of all your application details automatically generated by the application system. This confirmation has to be printed out, dated and signed, and attached to your applications package including all the documentation required. Please note that your application package has to arrive at the EMMIR Coordinator within the given deadline. In other words: The application process is only completed once the paper version of your application has arrived at the University of Oldenburg.


For the 2018-20 cohort, EMMIR has three different deadlines. The final deadline (C) is 5 July 2018 - but in order to allow you to plan well ahead two additional deadlines have been set. Self funded applicants respecting deadlines A and B will be informed within four to six weeks about their admission status.

Submission deadlines are as follows:

  online submission  paper version arrival latest admission applications for
A 20 December 2017* postmark: 31 December 2017
latest arrival: 20 January 2018
March 2018 scholarships
and self funded
B 11 March 2018* 26 March 201830 April 2018 self funded only
C 5 July 2018 16 July 201827 July 2018 self funded only

All deadlines are midnight CET/CEST

* limited number of admissions for candidates with top EMMIR scores; excellent students not reaching top scores will be placed on waiting list until further notice.

Please keep in mind that upon online submission you will have to complete your application by sending us your application package through regular mail or courier service, received by the Consortium Coordinator by the dates given above. For sending your application package we strongly advise to use a service that allows you to track the delivery in order to make sure that we received it within the deadline. Once you have submitted your online form you will not be able to make changes.

The programme starts on Monday, 3 September 2018.


For a checklist to facilitate application procedure please check here.

The full application consists of the following:

  • SIGNED and dated print out of the application form attached to the automatic confirmation email.
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Print out of CV
  • Statement of Purpose, clarifying your motivation to study the course (1 to 2 pages max.)
  • First university degree and other relevant degrees (certified true copies!)
  • Documentation of language proficiency (certified true copy!)
  • Other relevant documentation and references

All documents must be submitted either in English or German. Documents which are not originally in English or German must be accompanied by an authorised translation of the original.

University degrees and transcripts must be sent either as originals or as certified true copies. An official stamp with date and signature is required. In general, attestation by the local embassy, the police, a notary public or state or municipal administration agency is accepted. Failure to provide all the necessary documents disqualifies the applicant and the application will not be registered.

As we are not able to return your documents, we recommend you to not send certified true copies only. 

NB: You are expected to provide documentation of a finalised first degree by the deadline. A preliminary transcript stating that you finalised the degree is accepted. A final degree has to be presented by the time of enrolment at the latest.


Please send your full application to

EMMIR Consortium Committee
c/o University of Oldenburg
School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
A5 1-121
Ammerlaender Heerstr. 114-118
26111 Oldenburg

We urge you not to use plastic folders to combine your documents!

For sending your application package we strongly advise to use a service that allows you to track the delivery in order to make sure that we receive it within the deadline.

Last update of this section: 30 August 2017


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