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'Migration is the topic of our times' - UOL features EMMIR in new article

Vyntia Sampaio, Mulugeta Berihun Asfaw, Lydia Potts, Rumsha Shahzad

A new article published by the University of Oldenburg features the EMMIR programme and talks to students, alumni, and staff to understand why studying migration is so relevant.

Starting off with a personal story by Cohort 8 student Rumsha, the article situates how personal a study programme such as EMMIR can be:

Her first encounter with the topic of migration was at Georgetown University in Qatar. Rumsha Shahzad was actually there to teach foreign staff at the university a little English so that they would find it easier to settle in their new surroundings. But the young politics student from Pakistan soon realised that her encounters with guest workers from the Philippines were leaving their mark. “Their stories  were heart-breaking. About how they had left their home country in the hope of finding a better life in the Gulf region – but that life never materialised,” the young woman recalls. She became fascinated with the subject of migration – so much so that the 24-year-old decided to give up her job in Pakistan and apply for a place on the course “European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations” (EMMIR).

Read the full article here.


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