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Love beyond borders found through Erasmus Mundus programs

Falling in love might not be the primary objective of studying abroad, but it's undoubtedly been part of the Erasmus adventure since the beginning.

Erasmus (and Erasmus Mundus) is not just about studying abroad; it's about embracing new experiences, cultures, and people. Some students have found more than just friendship on their Erasmus journey; they've discovered love.

A story on love in Erasmus on the cover of Libération newspapers
A story on love in Erasmus on the cover of Libération newspapers

Love beyond borders also ties beautifully into our Erasmus Mundus program the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR). Erasmus Mundus programs offer joint master's degrees in consortia of universities and academic institutions across the globe. They also invite students from to take a journey of student mobility by studying in multiple countries, promoting a higher level of cultural and academic exchange around the world.

Throughout the years, several EMMIR relationships have blossomed into love, with at least 3 couples of EMMIRians getting married! There are even EMMIR babies in our community. And these numbers are just inter-EMMIR relationships, not even counting all the relationships that have blossomed thanks to student mobility across the world!

So, whether you're seeking knowledge, academic excellence, or cultural exchange, Erasmus Mundus programs offer you a world of opportunities.


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