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EMMIR C8 Students contribute to book, "Migrações Internacionais no Século XXI"

Four EMMIR Cohort 8 students have contributed chapters to a book that will be published on the 23rd September 2019 at the University of Uberlândia, Brazil. The book is titled Migrações Internacionais no Século XXI: perspectivas e desafios, which in English translates to International Migration in the 21th Century: perspectives and challenges.

The four articles are in the international session of the book. The book was coordinated by Professors of International Law, Dr. Tatiana Cardozo Squeff and Dr. Thiago Paluma, both from University of Uberlândia, Brazil.

Daniel Braga Nascimento wrote his article during the 'Migration, Borders and Citizenship' module of EMMIR, with supervision of Prof. Dr. Jure Gomback (PhD). His article is titled, Marriage Migration: what is behind the Norwegian marriage migration law.

Oliver Wedemeyer wrote his article during the module 'Emigration and Immigration: A Northern European Perspective', under supervision of Prof. Dr. Nils Olav Østrem, from University of Stavanger. His article is titled, Limiting Asylum Seekers’ Mobility in Germany – Initial Reception Centers as Internal Border Spaces.

Josh Dickstein wrote his article during the module 'Migration, Borders and Citizenship', with supervision of Prof. Dr. Jure Gomback (PhD). He wrote the article, Dying To Get In: Examining EU immigration deterrent policies in the context of the Balkan Route.

Anjuli Kimberley Moll wrote the article, How can societies integrate refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers peacefully?, under the supervision of Dr. Felix Roesch, examining how the reciprocal maieutic approach can be used in integration, during her bachelor studies in England at Conventry University at the module Ethics and International Relations.

The book will be available for purchase online soon.


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