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Cohort 9 Opening Ceremony, Intensive Phase officially over

Congratulations to Cohort 9 students who presented their Intensive Phase (IP) group presentations on Monday, the 22nd September.

The groups were split by thematic topics, ranging from 'Identity and Transnationalism', 'Revolution and Migration', 'The Migration-Development Nexus', ' Transnationalism and Art', 'Activism and Academia', and 'Borders, Technology, and the Balkan Route'.

Students presented their topics to their peers as well as a panel of professors and tutors assessing them. "The presentations were amazing, I was never bored throughout the whole day," said Dr. Mirjam Hladnik, the representative from EMMIR's partner, University of Nova Gorica.

"The presentations were amazing, I was never bored throughout the whole day."

The presentations were followed by the official Opening Ceremony of the EMMIR program. Prof. Dr. Martin Butler, EMMIR's Course Director opened the ceremony. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Ralf Grüttemeier, the Dean of School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies, officially welcomed all the students and the EMMIR partners. He expressed how proud he is with the EMMIR programme and its students, adding how it was honour that the School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies is the institution to which the programme belongs to.

During the second part of the Opening Ceremony, Dr. Lucie Betakova from the University of South Bohemia, also gave a speech about EMMIR's partnership with the university and introduced the students to České Budějovice, Czech Republic. Dr. Sylvia Pritsch, from the University of Oldeburg's Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung (ZFG) also gave a presentation about her experience in Sudan and the Afhad University for Women, one of EMMIR's partner universities in Africa.

At the ceremony, Cohort 9 students presented a video they made of their first few weeks together. Watch it here:

Congratulations to Cohort 9 students for finishing the Intensive Phase!


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