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EMMIR is the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations. It is the first African-European Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Migration Studies. The first cohort set out to study in September 2011; since 2013 the programme is fully accredited by the national agencies as part of the European pilot project JOQAR.


EMMIR is jointly run by three African and four European universities, facilitated by a wider network of partners. Various associate organsiations on the regional, national and international level provide significant assistance for student internships and graduate's employment. The quality of the programme is constantly evaluated by an international board of experts.


EMMIR is a unique study programme focusing on migration through an intercultural approach. It provides profound theoretical skills in migration studies combined with field work in Europe and Africa. It is designed as a multidisciplinary programme that addresses important contemporary issues in an emerging field of study.


EMMIR includes study periods in both, Europe and Africa. Students' mobility is understood as a key to mutual understanding of different views and cultures of migration and movement and will sharpen intercultural sensitivity.


EMMIR students become acquainted with different cultures and academic traditions and gain knowledge about migration issues in internships. They will gain profound skills and specialise in of the four programme foci, this will provide them with excellent chances for employment in national and international governmental and private sector organisations or in academia. Graduates will be awarded a joint degree by the EMMIR partner universities.


23 June 2014

EMMIR Consortium announces few vacancies

Applications for the 2014-16 cohort self-funded students are extended until 13 July 2014!

05 June 2014

All applications now closed

Next application round opens 15 August 2014!

01 January 2014

Scholarship applications closed

Applications for self funded students are open until 2 June 2014


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