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E10 Opening Ceremony celebrates the end of the Intensive Phase and next part of the EMMIR journey

On 29 September, the official Opening Ceremony for EMMIR Edition 10 was held at the University of Oldenburg.

Edition 10 students were welcomed into the EMMIR network with a warm speech from Prof. Dr. Gun-Britt Kohler: Dean at the University of Oldenburg School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies.

This was followed by a speech by Prof. Dr. Martin Butler: Dean of Studies at the University of Oldenburg School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies and Course Director of EMMIR. His message to EMMIR students included pointing out to the new students that "throughout history, migration has not been the exception but the norm."

Dr. Dan Daatland, Assoc. Prof. ret. from the University of Stavanger and one of the great founding minds of the EMMIR programme, also contributed to the programme with a welcoming speech.

#EMMIRE10 is distinct because it’s the edition with the most African students, which has been very important for a European-African-Asian programme such as EMMIR, said Dr. Lydia Potts, Primary Coordinator of EMMIR, in her speech, which also included some congratulatory words to the students for successfully completing the Intensive Phase this September.

The event also featured Dr. Ester Serra Mingot from Universität Bielefeld, Germany and EMMIR Cohort 1 graduate to represent earlier editions of the EMMIR programme in welcoming Edition 10 to the network.

At the end of the event, attendees raised their glasses in congratulations and to wish good luck to the new students.

EMMIR Edition 10 2022-2024
Let's raise a glass (of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice!) to EMMIR Edition 10!


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