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EMMIR: "A Unique Opportunity"

Article about EMMIR from the UiS website, originally found here.

Cecilia Marshall, Jean Ngemdahimana, Erika Massoud and Andrea de Sancho Garcia.
EMMIR is a unique study programme focusing on migration through an intercultural approach. «The programme provides theoretical skills in migration studies combined with field work in Europe and Africa», says Erika Massoud from Canada.

The European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations, also called EMMIR, is the first African-European Erasmus Mundus Master programme in Migration Studies. EMMIR is jointly run by three African and four European universities and includes study periods in both Europe and Africa.

The programme is facilitated by a wider network of partners, and is designed as a multidisciplinary programme that addresses important contemporary issues in an emerging field of study.

«Interesting and engaging lectures»

Cecilia Marshall (26) from the US, Andrea de Sancho Garcia (27) from Spain, Erika Massoud (24) from Canada and Jean Ngendahimana (27) from Rwanda, all spent the last semester of the EMMIR Programme at the University of Stavanger. They are all from different corners of the world, and before coming to Stavanger, they attended the programmes first semester at the University in Oldenburg, Germany.

«Coming to Stavanger and the university, was quite an upgrade for me personally, and I am really enjoying myself. The lectures are interesting and engaging, and I am gaining new knowledge», says Cecilia Marshall from United States.

«I agree. I love the beautiful landscape in Norway with the fjords and the mountains. And the environment for the international students is also really good», Andrea de Sancho Garcia from Spain adds. 

Excellent chances for employment

The EMMIR study provides thorough theoretical knowledge in migration studies combined with field work in Europe and Africa. The Master's programme focuses on migration through an intercultural approach.

EMMIR students become acquainted with different cultures and academic traditions and gain knowledge about migration issues in internships.

The students will also gain profound skills and a specialization which will provide them with excellent chances for employment in national and international governmental and private sector organizations or in academia. Graduates will be awarded a joint degree by the EMMIR partner universities.

«Like a warm spring»

«We are learning a lot about different contexts, backgrounds and different perspective, and I think the EMMIR programme is a unique opportunity for me personally», Erica Massoud from Canada says.

Erica loves Stavanger, and was surprised by how warm it was when she arrived here in January. 

«I thought it would be the same temperature as in Montreal with 20 degrees below zero, but instead it was like a warm spring in Canada», she says with a smile.

Welcoming and super friendly

Jean Ngendahimana (27) from Rwanda was told that the Norwegians in general were a closed group of people and that they almost didn’t speak any English. 

«That was not the case. I think the Norwegians are welcoming and super friendly. I have gotten a lot of Norwegian friends, and they all speak English really well».

The 27 year old student hasn’t spent all his time at the University. He has been hiking and has been participating in other activities. He also enjoyed the field trips they have been to, and especially when they got to visit a reception center for asylum seekers.

«It was a warm and special meeting between people from different cultures and backgrounds».

Text and photo: Maria Gilje Torheim

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