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2018 Alumni Tracer Survey Results

EMMIR Alumni Tracer Survey Results are up! Download the full PDF at the bottom of this post.

Each year, students graduating the EMMIR program begin a new phase in their lives. In 2018, we sent out the Alumni Impact Survey to gain some insight into the broader trends of our graduates, of the labour market, how employers value our degrees, and to inform our current and future students about career opportunities post-EMMIR.

The Alumni Impact Survey received 71 responses, about 52% of alumni. What we found is a large majority of students who believe that their EMMIR experiences and degrees have helped them find jobs, assisted in their professional development, assisted in the development of their personalities, and would choose to study EMMIR again. The results from this survey attest to the quality of the education, internships, and experiences that EMMIR students receive at our 7 partner institutions and 60+ associate partner institutions. Students thus become part of a network of more than 60 organizations in 31 countries and over 130 alumni. Before we get into the survey results, let's take a look at EMMIR-at-a-glance...

EMMIR by number

So far, 6 cohorts of EMMIR students have graduated, while 2 cohorts are still in their studies. There are a total of 202 students, including 61 current students and 137 graduates. Out of this diverse student body, we represent 62 countries and speak over 56 languages.

Would it surprise you to find out that EMMIRians are mostly female (by 73%!)? And can you guess the number 1 country of birth? Germany. Followed by Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Italy, the United States, Spain, Bangladesh, Canada, and Sweden.

The top 5 undergraduate studies of EMMIR students are International Relations, Law, a general Bachelor of Arts, Global Studies, and Social Work. But did you know that 16% of EMMIRians hold a previous master's degree before starting our programme?

While these statistics give us a general overview of our large student body, let's not forget that all of these numbers represent human beings with diverse backgrounds and interests!

Survey Results

Now, let's get to the juicy stuff... Out of a network of 137 graduates (C1-C5), we had 71 respondents to the survey. The cohort with the most respondents was cohort 5 (which graduated in 2017), as they had 20 respondents. The fewest respondents came from Cohort 3 (2015), which had only 8.

You may be happy to hear that 93% of survey respondents are employed, while only 3.5% are currently seeking jobs!

And if you ever doubted the importance of networking, networking, networking, then we hope this convinces you otherwise: 41% of respondents found their first job after EMMIR through networking! 47% found out about their current job through work contacts or networks! 78% of employed survey respondents believe to a very high extent that EMMIR prepared them for their current job.

Where are our alumni working? 34% work in the public/government sector, while only 6% continued in the academic.

Want to find out more details? Download our Alumni Tracer Survey Results PDF here! And if you want some examples of what our great alumni have been up to, don't forget to read our Alumni Stories section.


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