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EMMIR & ACMS Conference 2019

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"African Families: Representations and Renegotiations in Migration Contexts" 

13-14 December, 2019 @ University of Oldenburg, Germany.

Globalization and migration have been transforming society, and social relations are constantly renegotiated—including that of migrant African families. Family arrangements, roles, lifestyles, and meanings are challenged, negotiated, and modified. This conference aims to address questions, gaps and understandings connected to the migration experiences of African migrant families, their concepts and ideas of belonging, and the interplay between families, social relations, migration motivations, and migration outcomes. This includes the necessity to address representations, power relations, and inequalities that African families as migrants and refugees face throughout the process. As scholars and practitioners in the field, what can we contribute to the understanding of African families and migration? How can knowledge produced be used to improve the situation of African migration and families? How can interventions for migrants, refugees, and families be crafted in a productive way?

Attendance is free with registration. To register, please email

For download before the conference: (last updated Wednesday 11.12.19)

Don't forget to RSVP to our Facebook event for updates and photos and use the hashtag #ConfMigrationFam.

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