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Highlights from the 'Young Africans on the Move: Exploring Intra- and Inter-continental Migration Processes and Dynamics' Conference in Entebbe, Uganda

From November 28-30, 2023, the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) program proudly co-hosted the "Young Africans on the Move: Exploring Intra- and Inter-continental Migration Processes and Dynamics" conference in Entebbe, Uganda. This remarkable event brought together scholars, practitioners, artists, and activists to explore the diverse and dynamic processes of African migration both within and beyond the continent.

The conference aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of African migration by addressing various dimensions such as economic, social, political, and cultural factors. By doing so, it sought to challenge prevailing stereotypes and offer a more nuanced perspective on migration processes.

With over 50 participants in-person and over 200 attending virtually, the conference was a testament to the importance of the topic in our academic field. Attendees included migration experts, researchers, students, and representatives from civil society organizations, all contributing to rich and diverse discussions.

Artistic and activist dimensions

One of the unique aspects of the conference was its strong emphasis on artistic and activist perspectives. EMMIR’s Academic Coordinator, who has close ties with local refugee settlements, facilitated the inclusion of artwork from refugee artists. These pieces adorned the conference venue, offering powerful visual narratives that complemented the academic discussions.

Additionally, the presence of refugee artists who shared their music, dance, and visual art added a deeply human and emotional dimension to the event. A particularly moving moment was the live painting of a portrait of Nelson Mandela, accompanied by performances from musicians and dancers, which left a lasting impression on all attendees.

The conference also provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Informal discussions during breaks as well as structured sessions enabled participants to forge new connections, share ideas, and explore potential partnerships. This aspect was particularly beneficial for young scholars and practitioners looking to expand their professional networks.

The "Young Africans on the Move" conference was a groundbreaking event that successfully highlighted the complexities and dynamism of African migration. By centering the experiences and contributions of African migrants, it challenged existing narratives and provided a platform for more inclusive and representative discussions. EMMIR is proud to have been a part of this significant event and looks forward to continuing its work in promoting understanding and dialogue around migration issues.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, speakers, artists, and organizers who made this conference a success. Together, we have taken important steps towards a more comprehensive and empathetic understanding of migration in Africa and beyond.

EMMIR would like to send a heartfelt thank you to to everyone who participated in making this conference an extremely warm, welcoming, educational, and boundary-pushing experience.


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