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EMMIRians in Ecuador: participating in the Global Youth Forum 2020

Anjuli and Daniel (EMMIR Cohort 8) were among the 50 selected young participants for the Global Youth Forum, which took place in Quito, Ecuador this January. During the 19-20th January, they both co-coordinated round-tables at the Forum (Anjuli coordinated the Human Trafficking and Child Detention; Daniel the Regional Table for South America).

Daniel and Anjuli with the UNICEF Representative in Ecuador, Mr. Joaquim Gonzales Aleman

The two Cohort 8 students also presented papers at the Networking Fair during the Forum. Daniel presented the paper wrote during the Intensive Phase of EMMIR: "Youth Participation in Academia and Grassroots Organizations related to Migration: the Brazilian case". Anjuli presented a paper on family reunification in the European Union.

They are also participating at the Summit Global Forum Migration and Development (GFMD), which took place in the same city during the 20 to 24 of January. The GFMD process is a global forum to analyze and discuss sensitive issues, create consensus, pose innovative solutions, and share policy and practices on the topic of migration. Global authorities, civil society, private sector the UN system and other relevant stakeholders are among the participants of the GFDM 2020.

Anjuli and Daniel met up Anas Ansar from EMMIR Cohort 5, who co-facilitated the round-table on labour and decent jobs at the Forum.

Follow the event online at:

Twitter: @UNMGCY

Instagram: @un_mgcy

Daniel and Anjuli (left, Cohort 8), and Anas (right, Cohort 5) in Ecuador in January 2020.


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