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EMMIR Virtual meet-up 2020

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#ErasmusDays EMMIR Virtual Meet-Up 2020

What is this? In the absence of a real-life EMMIR gathering in 2020, we would instead like to invite everyone in our EMMIR network to EMMIR's 3-Day Virtual Meet-Up! Coinciding with #ErasmusDays, EMMIR is organising 6 different virtual sessions over 3 days and inviting students and alumni to join as many of the sessions as they'd like.


How do I join? Check the schedule, see which events you're interested in, check your email for the links, and see you there! Links to the virtual event will be sent ahead of time to the last-known email addresses that students and alumni have registered with EMMIR. If you have not received an email from EMMIR regarding this event, please email us at emmir(at)uol(dot)de. 

Do I have to join all of the events? No, feel free to join however many you are able and willing to.


Can non-EMMIRians join: This event is only open to students and alumni (as well as other interested consortium partners).

All times are set in Oldenburg time (CEST). Please note that the sessions are subject to minor changes beforehand. 

Day 1: Thursday 15 October

17:30-18:00 Large Group Meet-Up

18:00-18:30 Updates from EMMIR

18:45-19:30 Happy Hour

Day 2: Friday 16 October

17:00-18:00 EMMIR Alumni Association Formation Brainstorming

Day 3: Satuday 17 October

13:00-13:45 Thematic Parallel Sessions

14:00-14:45 Work after EMMIR Parallel Sessions

Thursday, 15 October

17:30-18:00 CEST - Large group meet-up 

All EMMIR students and Alumni invited to gather in a large virtual space. Introductions will be made and fun ice breakers will be organised. 

18:00-18:30 CEST - Updates from EMMIR

A short presentation on recent updates from the EMMIR team. Time for Q&A and discussion.

18:45-19:30 CEST - Happy Hour

Nothing formal and no specific agenda, just grab your favourite beverage and chat with your fellow EMMIRians in large and small groups.

Friday, 16 October

17:00 - 18:00 CEST - EMMIR Alumni Association Brainstorm and Discussion 

Are you interested in being part of forming a new EMMIR alumni association? Join this brainstorming session with others to come up with the path toward a professional, registered association for EMMIR students and alumni which is separate from the EMMIR consortium.We. can also plan a final big party in 2021 to say goodbye to EMMIR!

Saturday, 17 October

On Saturday, you'll have the chance to connect on a more personal level in smaller-group settings with like-minded people. For example, you may find collaborators for research projects on your same topics of interest, or people working in the same sector as you! Simultaneous sessions will take place and as a participant, you are free to join whichever you'd like. You can choose depending on your current research or work interests, or your potential research and work interests. 

If you are interested in leading one of the events below, please reach out to the EMMIR team. 

13:00 - 13:45 CEST - Thematic Small-Group Parallel Sessions

1. Forced Migration and Displacement - Moderated by Sofia Morales

2. EU Border Regimes - Moderated by TBD

3. Climate Change and Migration - Christine Van Der Horst

4. Law and Protection - Moderated by TBD

14:00 - 14:45 CEST - Work after EMMIR Small-Group Parallel Sessions

1. PhDs - Moderated by TBD

2. (Intra)Governmental - Moderated by Marek Stahl (and TBD?)

3. Non-Governmental - Moderated by Erika Massoud

4. Combining EMMIR education with other disciplines - Moderated by Gabriella Mikiewicz

Interested in attending? 

EMMIR has emailed alumni and students at the last-known address we have on file. If you have not received an email about this event, please let us know at emmir(at)uol(dot)de. See you there!

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