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EMMIR Conference 2018

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"Linking Scholarship and Activism in Migration Societies: Critical Inquiries"

December 13 at 15:00 to December 15 at 16:00, 2018.

University of Oldenburg, Germany.


In recent days, the public engagement with migration is shaped by nationalist discourses which are frequently combined with a populist rhetoric and gender-based justifications, calling for increased securitisation and the closure of international borders. The conference will pose a number of foundational questions in migration studies: How do scholars and students engage with the dynamics in the migration societies they study as well as live in? How do academics and professionals position themselves? Should migration scholarship align with activism? Does activism benefit from being grounded in scholarship? Who is producing knowledge about migration and society and how is it used?


Registration is now closed. For further enquiries get in contact to us at: Registration for the conference is obligatory to attend. 

Opening Keynote Lecture

The Structures of Knowledge of Westernized Universities, Global Structures of Power and Migration

Ramon Grosfoguel (Berkeley University of California, USA).


Keynotes Lectures

  • Scholar Activism between and across the Mexico-US borders - Alexandra Delano (The New School, NY, USA)

  • Migration Research and the Terms of Engagement: Reflections on Knowledge, Power and Resistance - Aziz Choudry (McGill University, Canada)

  • Kritnet: Trial and errors of activist academic knowledge production in the field of border studies - Sabine Hess (Göttingen University, Germany).

  • Working through the Double-Binds: Refractions on Research with Sex Workers in India - Debolina Dutta (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Panels and Workshops

  • Panel 1: Multi-sited Enquiries in the US and India

  • Panel 2: Enquiries and Action in African Migration Societies

  • Panel 3: Asylum in Europe? - Multi-sited Contestations

  • Panel 4: Participatory Research and Genders

  • Panel 5: Political Subjectivity in Forced Migration Studies in the Postcolonial World

  • Panel 6: Art-based Activism in Migration Societies

  • Workshops: Migration Studies and Activist Research Practice / The Balkanroute: Paste, Present, and Future

Download full program here.

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