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Message from EMMIR to our network regarding the Turkey/Syria earthquake

Dear EMMIR students, staff, partners, alumni, and our greater network,

People in Turkey and Syria are suffering from the catastrophic earthquake and aftershocks in February 2023. Our thoughts are with the people of this region as they mourn their losses and begin a long and difficult recovery from this disaster. Our thoughts are also with all those involved in the search and rescue efforts and the disaster relief operations. And we convey our condolences to our Turkish and Syrian students and graduates.

Although around the world there is an outpouring of support in response to this catastrophe, much more resources will be needed. If you would like to contribute to the support and/or donation efforts, please visit this link of compiled aid and emergency resources for Turkey and Syria: We have cross-checked that these are trustworthy organizations.

Within the EMMIR community, we ask that each of us exercise sensitivity, understanding and flexibility toward students, faculty and colleagues affected by this crisis. We encourage all members of the EMMIR network to support one another in the weeks and months ahead.

Please be in touch with the EMMIR team with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding the situation.

Thank you,

— The EMMIR team


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