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Alumni Stories

Manh Ha Luong .png

Name: Manh Ha Luong 

Nationality: Vietnam

Graduation Year: 2020 (Cohort 8)

Mobility Path: University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Current Job: Researcher in Germany (formerly Consultant in Switzerland and former Immigration Officer in Vietnam)

Ha's story: 

After completing such a joint program recognized as an EU's success story, I have gained valuable knowledge in the field of migration and intercultural relations, enhancing my professional capacity. It is the

mobility feature that has taught me the first-hand experience of migration when moving across different countries in every semester. This is particularly more bureaucratic for a non-EU national like me.


Fortunately, thanks to the tremendous support from the program and all university partners, my 2-year journey was very smooth, including the administrative, legal, logistics and financial aspects. Even when the COVID-19 outbreak reached Europe in my final semester, I was assisted to complete my studies despite many emerging challenges. In addition to increased knowledge and skills, I am very grateful for meeting diverse individuals of interesting profiles throughout those years, e.g. esteemed professors, dedicated staff, and talented classmates. I remember our safe atmosphere at class where all ideas were respected and all voices were heard. I was also funded for online courses, and academic conferences, like the winter school in India in 2020.


I feel very lucky to become part of EMMIR big family, and am very pleased to know that EMMIR has won the new funding from the EU for another 4 years to support more individuals interested in the field of migration and intercultural relations. Without EMMIR, I could have been unable to make any achievements during and after the program.

Last update: February 2022

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