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Gabriella Mikiewicz headshot.JPG

Name: Gabriella Mikiewicz 

Nationality: Poland / USA

Graduation Year: 2019 (Cohort 7)

Mobility Path: University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Current Job: Social Impact Communications Freelancer and Consultant

Gabriella's story: 

My two years in EMMIR were probably the two most challenging, exciting, and formative years of my life. They were challenging because EMMIR is a rigorous programme on an academic level, but also demanding in mobility aspect. It is not easy moving apartments, universities, and countries every semester for two years.

My two years with EMMIR were also incredibly exciting. I showed up at the University of Oldenburg in August 2017 having never heard of the city and without knowing anyone. I studied a Master's degree that was very different from my Bachelor's and learned so many new things about migration and somehow managed to write a whole Master's thesis! I hiked up Preikestolen in Stavanger, Norway and saw giraffes in Johannesburg, South Africa and got stuck in airports and train stations overnight and learned new languages and laughed and cried. These challenges and excitements are what also made these two years extremely formative for me. I was able to meet so many incredible people in my Cohort and other Cohorts, in addition to all the people I met throughout my travels. I was exposed to so many different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. I would not be the same person I am today without the EMMIR programme. 

I am currently combining my academic and personal interests in migration and intercultural relations with my skills and experience in Communications and Journalism from my Bachelor's degree. I work in Social Impact Communications as a freelancer and consultant on a variety of different projects related to social impact (in nonprofits, international development organisations, etc). 

Last update: 2021

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