EMMIR Consortium representatives

EMMIR students are represented in the Consortium Committee, like every partner institution they have two seats. The student representatives play a crucial role with regard to the overall performance of the programme and the consortium‘s routines and procedures. You can contact your student representatives with any problems, wishes, and needs. The active student representatives and deputies are (in alphabetical order)  

  • Avantee Bansal (Cohort 7)
  • Laura Boucsein (Cohort 6)
  • Erika Massoud (Cohort 6)
  • Renata de Siqueira Campielo (Cohort 7)

EMA representative

In addition to students being active members of the Consortium Committee, there is also an EMMIR student representing the programme in the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA). S/he can be addressed with all sorts of issues connected to being a programme student or alumni. Currently the representative is Mahanam Mithun (Cohort 5).


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Last modified: 2018-05-23