14 September 2016

Exhibition "Kabbo ka muwala" opens 24 September

Städtische Galerie in Bremen, Germany, shows the joint project from 25 Sep to 11 Dec, 2016. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive programme.

The exhibition is curated by African and German partners. The inaugural show was shown first at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare and then travelled to the Makerere Art Gallery in Kampala, Uganda. Finally it comes to the German venue, Städtische Galerie Bremen (Municipal Art Gallery). The exhibitions as well as the accompanying culture programmes aim to initiate a polylogue across the regions between artists, local and (inter)national civil society actors as well as students, teachers and scholars. 

The exhibition seeks to present a multitude of contemporary migration processes seen primarily through the eyes of artists from Southern and Eastern Africa. â€˜Kabbo Ka Muwala’ translates as ‘the girl’s basket’ and is taken from the main Ugandan language Luganda, but is also understood in Swahili and hence across Eastern Africa. The expression refers to the practice of a bride taking a basket full of goods with her when joining her new family, but also when visiting or returning to her family of origin. The basket might also be understood as a metaphor of the mental and material luggage of migrants: expectations, hopes, successes as well as disappointments and failures. Additionally, the metaphor emphasises the gender dimensions which are at play in migration processes. The artistic perspectives address topics which are often neglected: migrants’ agency and initiative in (trans)national spaces, modes of cohabitation in local and regional contexts, and also point out social political processes which encompass violence and xenophobia.

Here are the links to the accompanying programme and to the exhibtion's blog.