Student Visa

EMMIR students from outside Europe will need to obtain student visas before coming to Oldenburg. It is necessary to get a visa for Germany in advance. You will have to apply for the visas necessary for study year two once your individual mobility track is laid down (not before September).

The official confirmation of your admittance to EMMIR enables you to apply for a student visa. Please note that visa application procedures might take some time (up to several months). For information related to visa requirements, you are advised to contact the relevant German Consulate or Embassy as soon as possible.

Please apply for a STUDENT VISA, not a so called Schengen Visa. Only the Student Visa allows you to receive a Schengen residence permit in Germany and stay in Europe for the full two years of the programme. A Schengen Residence Permit issued in Oldenburg will allow you to travel to Norway without any further visa.

The EMMIR team will provide the German Consulate/Embassy in your country of permanent residence (i.e. the country the admission letter is addressed to) with a letter documenting your admission to the programme and all necessary details. Furthermore, we will provide you with advice and supporting documents which should facilitate the process, if necessary. Please let us know if we can be of further help. However, please bear in mind that it is your sole responsibility to obtain a visa in time.

Apart from the letter of admission and a valid passport, you will need a proof of financial means to apply for a visa. Presently, foreign students coming to Germany must prove that they have at least 7,908 Euro per year at their disposal (659 Euro per month) plus travel costs and tuition fees. This proof can be provided in various ways; the following forms are generally accepted:

  • You receive a scholarship from a recognised scholarship provider
  • Your parents submit documents certifying their income and financial assets.
  • A resident in Germany provides the Foreign Residents’ Office a guarantee to cover your expenses.
  • A security payment is deposited into a blocked account.
  • You submit a bank guarantee or you submit a bank guarantee.

Please remember to bring all the relevant original documents to Germany (passport, degree, proof of financial means). You will need them to a) apply for your residence permit in Oldenburg and b) for visas according to your mobility track in study year two. Please find general information concerning visa application at the German Foreign Secretary's website.

Please follow this link to find out if you are required to apply for a visa.

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