Monitoring reception centers in Sicily

Hi, my name is Beatrice Mariottini and I am doing my internship in Catania, in Sicily. I work with a local association called Borderline Sicilia Onlus, which mainly serves as an observatory on migration in Sicily and offers legal assistance to migrants and asylum seekers.

We monitor practices implemented by institutional and private actors that coordinate the reception, accommodation and detention of migrants, as well as assist those who could possibly become pilot court cases. I took this photo from the Mineo reception center, it looks like a prison. You can see how militarized reception centers are. Most of them are located in far-off places, they do not allow people to take photos and it's very hard for researchers and activists to be allowed to enter.


Alongside legal counselling and monitoring, we also partake in research projects, advocacy actions at a local level and the activation of virtuous networks in the region. As an intern, I am involved in monitoring some reception centres, but I also attend conferences and meetings on behalf of the association and try to find third reception solutions for some of the cases we are assessing.


Borderline Sicilia ONLUS website


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Last modified: 2018-09-27