Kabbo Ka Muwala (Exhibition project)

Kabbo Ka Muwala - The Girl's Basket
Migration and Mobility in Contemporary Art in Southern and Eastern Africa - An exhibition project


The exhibition seeks to present artists' manifold perspectives on the multitude of contemporary migration processes in and from Southern and Eastern Africa, primarily through the lenses of artists from these regions. The title of the exhibition, 'the girl's basket' - 'kabbo ka muwala' in Luganda, the main language of Uganda, can be taken as a metaphor for migration. The expression refers to the practice of a bride taking a basket full of goods with her when joining her new family - and she does the same when visiting or, as the case may be, returning to her family of origin. The basket represents - having now frequently been replaced, in materiality as much as in speech, by the suitcase (which itself is a symbol for migration) - a container not only full of material goods, but also full of initial expectations and, subsequently, hopes and successes, possibly also disappointments and failures. It might be understood to symbolize the evaluation of a major life decision. In the context of the exhibition project set out here 'kabbo ka muwala' stands for the effort to look at African migration beyond the globally dominant perceptions and frequent misrepresentations, for example that migration is a predominantly male activity and that African migration is primarily directed towards the Global North. The exhibition will be developed by and travel to three partner venues, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Makerere Art Gallery (Uganda), and Städtische Galerie Bremen (Germany). While international, it will always also link to the local and national context, e.g. bring in additional artists and collaborate with/address migrants, artist-activists, civil society actors, secondary schools and institutions of higher education in the programme accompanying the exhibition.

  • Early 2016: Harare, Zimbabwe, National Gallery
  • Mid 2016: Kampala, Uganda, Makerere Art Gallery
  • Late 2016: Bremen, Germany, Städtische Galerie

Migrations of Knowledge (Conference)

Migrations of Knowledge - Potentials and Limits of Knowledge Production and Critique in Europe and Africa
International Conference

3 to 6 December 2014 at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

The conference addresses current conditions and modes of academic knowledge production in order to revisit the ethical, political and social visions of research and higher education articulated in the second half of the 20th century at European and African universities. Researchers will scrutinize the academic discourses on the geopolitics of knowledge, gender and ethnicity, critical dialogues between the social, cultural and engineering sciences as well as the differences of and interactions between epistemologies in the Global North and the Global South.


14 September 2016

Exhibition "Kabbo ka muwala" opens 24 September

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19 July 2016

EMMIR selected for EU co-funding in Erasmus +

The study programme has been selected for a second funding period by the EACEA in their...


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